12 de agosto de 2015

Road trip 2015

     I must confess i had always thought about the idea to an road trip with my family. In the past weeks my family and i had the oportunity to this road trip to San Diego until Grand Canyon and we were start make plans and the reservations online. We decided take the 10 road until El Paso Texas, (i think was the best decision if you never made this kind of trip). Next day continue drove us to the same road and then the 8, this road had a few mountains and wonderful views (eleven hours in total since El Paso Texas to San Diego).

When arrived to San Diego, California my family and i we were breathless, the city was so beautifull and bigger than imagined, the best part was when we saw to my little brother, he looked so tan and skinny( like a native Cali Boy). The next couple days we visited Los Angeles California, but first went a few hours to Santana and Long Beach (making count the entire trip we did take, aproximately, a 1000 pictures over the entire trip,we need make time to edit all the pictures). I have some pictures to the trip in my Instagram Account: Il3pink

LA was a fabulous place, we visit The Sunset St and Hollywood St, and we take a tour at Minivan (They drive throught Hollywood, downtown LA and Beverly Hills and we listen to commentaries about LA's history and celebrity culture).
Note: we saw the actor Wesley Snipes outside the Theather Kodak, a lot of people around he.
When finished the tour at Minivan we went to Hollywood and Highland Shopping Center located in the hearth of Hollywood (The Built cost of this mall: aproximately $ 615 millions of dlls) needed some rest and make a good food. Wow! Being tourist in LA is an odissey.

Monday in the morning my parents and i arrived to Las Vegas. Never before we had visited a similar place, we looked a nice and expensive constructions, biggest hotels, a roller coaster outside the New York Hotel, 
many beautiful and young vedettes (many tourist made a lot of pictures with them). I had walk alone because my parents they felt so tired to walk around the Las Vegas Boulevard. That's the best solo walk in my short life.

Is important say this: In all the road trip i never felt tired when drove, always i felt excited and motivated.

Tuesday at Noon, after a little stop in the world famous Gold and Silver pawn shop, we were in Freemont Street (lined with vintage hotels, bars and restaurants and covered by a digital screen giant).
 Already 3 pm take the Road named Route 66 with destiny to Grand Canyon of Colorado in Arizona.
We looked a many biggest trees at the way to Grand Canyon and we had lucky to view some deers and many kind of savages animals, that's why, in a few parts of the road, we had drive too slow.

Wednesday 4:15 am: time to wake up, we need arrive, at least 5:30 am, to the Park of Grand Canyon, to view the dawn, during that event i felt so grateful with the life because, this unique opportunity to travel with my family, always was in my mind but, i never before "had time". I forgot to say my father is an amateur photographer and he was so happy to make a lot of photos with amazing views. :) see you in another post.